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Sports Injuries

Chiropractor treating athlete for a sports injury

Those who frequently partake in sports know that injuries are common at every skill level. In fact, since there are more amateurs than professionals in any endeavor, most of the patients a sports injury chiropractor in Fresno sees are not professional players. Here are some of the most common injuries they encounter:

Sprains and Strains

Whether you sprain your ankle, get a groin pull, or strain your hamstring, the basic mechanism is the same: The overextension of the ligaments or tendons involved. When they're pulled beyond their natural limits the fibers tear and an injury results. In many cases, this injury includes the movement of the bones of the associated joint.

It may come as a surprise, but your Fresno chiropractor can help you even when your spine isn't involved in your injury. Joint manipulation done by the doctor corrects misalignments of the injured part and allows the body to focus on healing the soft tissues. The process also helps to increase circulation in the area, which further speeds healing while reducing pain.

Knee Injuries

Tears in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are common in some sports. Patellofemoral syndrome, which is caused by your thighbone repeatedly contacting your kneecap, is another common sports-related injury. Your chiropractor can use joint manipulation to correct misalignments that resulted from the forces that caused the ACL tear, thereby speeding healing. In the second case, manipulating the joint can help stop the unwanted bone contact.

Tennis Elbow

Despite its name, many people suffer from tennis elbow who never play tennis. This is because any activity that repeatedly uses the muscle in the forearm that moves the wrist forward and back. The other end of this muscle is connected to the elbow, and it's this area that gets inflamed.

Your chiropractor will check your elbow, shoulder, and neck for alignment problems in order to correct any conditions that would increase the strain on the painful area or the attached muscle. However, soft tissue treatments play a big role in speeding the healing, and eliminating the pain, of tennis elbow. We offer a variety of treatments for this purpose.

Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement

Your chiropractor can do more for your athletic life than provide sports injury pain relief in Fresno. Getting adjustments before a game can improve your range of motion, helping you to avoid strains, sprains, and pulls. Improved range of motion also helps with athletic performance. Chiropractic care works so well for athletes that over 30 percent of professional football teams have a chiropractor right on staff.

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