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Help for Joint Pain in the Fresno-Clovis Area

People often associate chiropractors with car accidents and back injuries. However, that’s not all that a chiropractor does. A chiropractor’s role involves helping the patient’s body function correctly again in terms of mechanical operation. This includes both skeletal as well as muscular activities and motions. The joints are a key element between the two, allowing the body to perform movement and flexibility.

joint pain treatment

The Application of Chiropractic Care to Joint Pain

The nervous system operates as a communication system for our brain and body. It works correctly when all of the mechanical parts are aligned and working as they should. When a part of this system is not functioning as it should, nerves are designed to trigger pain as one of the sensations that tells the brain something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

A chiropractor, unlike a general physician, focuses attention on restoring correct mechanical performance. This approach avoids invasive procedures as well as pharmaceuticals. Instead, a chiropractor uses pressure, exercise, stretching, guided motion, and alignment procedures to put the body’s parts back into sync with each other to ensure correct movement again. At the same time, a chiropractor also examines each patient’s lifestyle and what could be changed to improve the body’s performance, such as reducing weight, increasing exercise, and avoiding behaviors that contribute to more joint damage.

Joint Pain Cases Needing Alternative Attention

Our chiropractor can do quite a lot to help patients reduce their joint pain caused by imbalances, improper motion, and overuse. However, not all joint pain can be treated the same way. Some cases require specialized care. For example, joint pain from pregnancy is temporary and should be handled by a chiropractor with specific prenatal training. That is why our chiropractor performs a thorough examination to arrive at an accurate diagnosis before providing treatment.

Local Muscle Pain and Joint Care in Fresno and Clovis

For patients needing expert chiropractic care for joint issues in the Central Valley, Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center is available. Our team regularly helps patients of all types from the Clovis and Fresno areas, as well as outer areas along the Highway 99 corridor. Because we provide an in-depth expertise on muscle pain and joint discomfort, Sunnyside Wellness has become the regional expert in chiropractic care for joint pain. To find out more, set up an initial appointment with us. We are always available to talk and help answer your questions. Give us a call today.