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Tendons are thick fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bone throughout our bodies. Without out tendons, muscles would be unable to move our bones. While our tendons can become inflamed and cause pain, a condition that is known as tendinitis, some of the most common sites are near the joints. Shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, and writs are among the most common sites for tendinitis.

In fact, you might already be familiar with one form of tendinitis. ”Tennis elbow” is the name of tendinitis that causes elbow pain. Like other forms of tendinitis, it can result from an injury or frequent use of a joint. Repetitive motion is often a major factor. A similar inflammation of tendons near the knee that causes knee pain is known as “Jumper's knee.” Our chiropractic staff at Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center in Fresno, CA, can diagnose and treat your tendinitis.

man suffering from tendinitis

Tendinitis Inflammation

This inflammation can lead to swelling and tenderness in addition to pain. Fortunately, tendinitis can often be treated with rest, and pain medication can reduce pain. Physical therapy is also an effective treatment option when it comes to tendinitis. A chiropractor that provides physical therapy can facilitate healing. In some instances, tendinitis pain relief is provided through surgery. This is often the case if the inflammation leads to a burst tendon. 

Risk Factors of Tendinitis

Anyone who participates in activities that involve repetitious motions is at risk for tendinitis. Athletes commonly deal with this condition (golf, running, basketball, baseball, bowling, and swimming are culprits in addition to tennis) but may find relief by learning proper form. It's common in people who play and exercise hard on the weekend but are less active during the rest of the week. Switching up exercise routines can reduce the repetition that contributes to this injury. Athletes should pay attention to their bodies and rest when necessary. Stretching can loosen muscles and prevent the likelihood of tendinitis.

However, many people can experience tendinitis who are not athletes. People over the age of 40 experience an increased risk because their tendons become less flexible, so they should be especially aware of the risk. Gardening, carpentry, shoveling, scrubbing, painting, and even cleaning involve repetitive movements that might contribute to tendinitis. Furthermore, conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, legs of different lengths or even medication that stresses tendons can make it more likely. Occasionally, an infection can play a role.

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