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Every parent in Clovis and Fresno wants what is best for their child.  Much research is put into providers for their children such as pediatricians and dentists.  The same care should be taken when choosing a family practice pediatric chiropractor.  Our doctor and staff strive to get to know their patients, communicate with families, and provide the best service possible.

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Pediatric Chiropractor Visits are on the Rise

Many families in Fresno and Clovis are finding the value in visiting a pediatric chiropractor.  It is very important to chat with the chiropractor to find out about their education and experience with treating children.  Chiropractors need to use a different process with children's bodies.  As long as the chiropractor is educated and experienced, chiropractic care for children is very safe and can be very beneficial to their quality of life.  

Children's bodies are different than the bodies of adults.  The joints are not fully formed so adjustments need to be faster with less force.  Chiropractors need to know proper contacts, techniques, and depth.  In many cases, joints need to be mobilized and not manipulated.  Common reasons for children visiting the chiropractor are musculoskeletal complaints from sports, chronic ear infections, nursing or sleeping issues with babies, and improving the quality of life to children who are affected by certain disorders and syndromes.

Chronic ear infections can be treated at a family practice chiropractor by stopping the muscles surrounding the Eustachian tubes from spasming.  When these muscles spasm, fluid is not able to drain, which causes pain.  Disorders and syndromes such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, ADHD, post-stroke, and others can be treated by a pediatric chiropractor.  This chiropractic care for children will certainly not cure any of these conditions, but allowing their nervous system to function as best it can will really improve quality of life.

Young babies are often treated by a chiropractor for nursing problems, sleep issues, and colic.  If a baby cannot latch properly to nurse, there could be a problem in the central nervous system.  A pediatric chiropractor can open communication pathways from the brain to the tongue and throat muscles to allow them to work together better.  Chiropractic care can also be beneficial to improving sleep in babies.  Some babies feel tension from being stuck in one position inside the womb for a long period of time.  Seeing a pediatric chiropractor can help joints to move more freely and make the baby more comfortable. 

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