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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is a common occurrence in Fresno, California. In fact, our Fresno chiropractors see many patients who experience back pain from an injury or just general wear and tear. Our chiropractic expert treats lower back and upper back pain as well as if you have a backache in general. We use a number of treatments that assist in relieving your back problems, no matter where they are or what caused them.   back pain treatment from your chiropractor in fresno

Chiropractic Adjustments  

Our Fresno chiropractor offers chiropractic adjustments. Our Fresno chiropractic expert physically moves the vertebrae in the spine, so they align with the discs. This helps relieve pain since it takes pressure off of the nerves and muscles surrounding the spine. Additionally, it enhances blood flow to the area, so the region around the spine receives the nutrients needed to heal. Fresno chiropractors use spinal alignments to treat a wide variety of issues. For instance, individuals who have a herniated or degenerative disc may find relief. It helps with both lower back pain and upper back pain as well as a back ache in general. Spinal alignments benefit those with sciatica and certain types of arthritis.  

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression is a type of treatment that utilizes a motorized device that stretches the spine. The gentle pulling force takes the pressure off of the nerves, discs, and muscles in the spine. This particular treatment helps heal bulging or herniated discs. It's beneficial to those who have changes in the discs as a result of age. It aids in the treatment process of injured or diseased nerves as well as sciatica and back or neck pain. 

Exercise Therapy

Our Fresno chiropractic clinic uses exercise therapy to stretch the spine. It helps relieve pressure on the discs and nerves, ultimately reducing pain and promoting recovery. We teach you in our office how to perform exercises that benefit your posture as well as any other spinal issues you may be experiencing. The exercises may be used along with other chiropractic treatments to better support your recovery. 

Posture Correction

If you have poor posture when you sleep or when you're awake, you could find yourself experiencing upper back and neck pain. By working on your posture, you slowly realign your spine, which has the potential to decrease the pain you feel. We correct the posture problem over time, so you don't have any pain during the process.

Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Changes

Being overweight will cause your back to hurt. Through nutritional counseling, we aid in lowering your weight via natural methods. We help you devise a nutrition plan that allows you to get all the nutrients you need without all the excess calories. You lose weight and reduce the amount of pressure on your back. If your back is hurting as a result of habits you have, we'll aid in determining the cause and correcting the issue. 

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