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Headaches and Migraines

Headache and Migraine Relief From Our Chiropractor in Fresno

Headaches and migraines can force you to withdraw from all your regular activities, work and play. The two forms of head pain may be in separate classes as far as intensity is concerned, but when you suffer from either condition on a chronic basis, you need more than medications can provide. You need the natural, lasting headache and migraine relief provided by our chiropractor in Fresno CA, Dr. Potigian.

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The Difference Between a Headache and Migraine

Most of the ugly head pain encountered by the general public takes the form of tension headaches. These headaches, which have afflicted at least 80 percent of all individuals at some point, actually start in the neck. Tension in the neck muscles causes them to go into spasm. A tight RCPM muscle may pull on the dura mater, a highly-pain-sensitive tissue surrounding the brain.

Migraines take the misery of a headache up a notch. The head pain tends to be crushingly intense (focusing on one part of the head), and it is often accompanied by light or sound sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and other debilitating symptoms. While muscle tension can trigger a migraine, so can food ingredients, weather changes, menstrual cycles, and a confusing variety of other triggers. These mysterious attacks seem to be caused by sudden blood pressure changes in the head, possibly initiated by neurotransmitter imbalances.

Our Fresno Chiropractor Can Ease Your Symptoms

If you struggle with constant, recurring headaches or migraines, you've probably found that medications can't do much more than dull the agony; it certainly doesn't discourage the attacks themselves. For that level of relief, come to Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center. Our Fresno chiropractor may find that a cervical spinal misalignment is throwing off the weight balance between your head and your neck, leading to the chronic muscle spasms that create tension headaches. Cervical spinal adjustments can correct this issue, relieving pain and making you less headache-prone. Our chiropractic techniques also work against migraines; in fact, studies have demonstrated that cervical adjustments can decrease migraine frequency and severity.

Our supportive therapies make a natural complement to your chiropractic headache and migraine care. For instance, we can provide trigger point therapy for tension headaches, or lifestyle/nutritional counseling to help you steer clear of migraines.

Go With the Migraine and Headache Treatment Fresno Residents Trust

If you are tired of the non-solutions you're getting from pills, go with the migraine and headache treatment Fresno residents have come to trust. Call Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center at (559) 454-1000!

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