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Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy brings many changes to a woman’s body. Some of those changes can be undesirable, as when the increasing abdomen and gait changes result in low back pain. Prenatal chiropractic care can promote overall health while also helping a woman be more comfortable during pregnancy. In addition, prenatal chiropractic care can promote easier delivery. Here’s how a chiropractor can help during your pregnancy, courtesy of Sunnyside Wellness and Chiropractic Center, serving the Fresno and Clovis area.

pregnant woman getting adjusted from her chiropractor

Prenatal Chiropractic – What’s the Difference?

Prenatal chiropractic care is very similar to regular chiropractic care. As always, the primary goals are to restore function, relieve pain and promote wellness. However, prenatal care is also used to make the delivery easier for both mother and child. There is also a stronger focus on nutrition. In addition, the chiropractor makes certain adjustments in technique and positioning to prevent excessive pressure on the developing uterus. If you had musculoskeletal issues prior to becoming pregnant, prenatal chiropractic care is even more important.

Pregnancy and the Nervous System

Spinal alignment is crucial to the optimum function of the nervous system. If you had poor posture prior to becoming pregnant, the increasing size of the abdomen can make such problems worse. When nervous system dysfunction occurs, it can cause pain, increase fatigue or result in excessive nausea and vomiting due to morning sickness. Some musculoskeletal conditions such as a rotated pelvis can increase the risk of hard labor or even result in the need to use forceps for delivery. Untreated, spinal alignment problems can result in chronic pain well after labor and delivery occur.

Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments early in pregnancy can often help to reduce symptoms of morning sickness. As the pregnancy progresses, problems such as back pain often occur because the increased abdominal size changes your posture and gait. In the last few weeks before delivery, the pelvic ligaments become looser. While this is meant to make delivery easier, it can also put stress on joints in the pelvis and hips. In this situation, the goal is to restore pelvic balance, which helps reduce the risk of a feet-first (breech) birth. A target exercise program also helps a woman become stronger and more flexible – again, promoting an easier delivery.

Sunnyside Wellness and Chiropractic Center

While you will still need regular obstetrical care, the addition of chiropractic treatment during your pregnancy can make a difference for you and your baby. Please contact Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center at (559) 454-1000 to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. Located at 5207 E. Belmont Avenue in Fresno, we also serve Clovis, Sander, Madera, Fowler, Selma, and Kerman. With extended and Saturday hours (Saturday by appointment only), we will work with you to meet your scheduling needs.  


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