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Disc Injury Treatment

Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center: Top Fresno Chiropractic Center for Disc Injury Treatment

Disc injuries are a common cause of back pain as well as pain and related symptoms in the arms, legs, shoulder, hands, and feet. Without prompt care, symptoms can become much worse over time, resulting in long-term disability and a significant reduction in overall quality of life. As a leading Fresno chiropractic practice, Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center offers patient-centered care for disc injuries including pain and other symptoms due to bulging disc, slipped disc and herniated disc issues. Both acute and chronic symptoms benefit from state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques focused on relieving inflammation and irritation while also preventing disc injuries from recurring in the future. disc injury treatment from your chiropractor in fresno

What Causes Disc Injuries?

Most of us think of the spine as a series of connected bones extending from the neck to the tailbone, but it’s actually a very complex structure that’s subjected to a considerable amount of stress and strain throughout the day. Between each pair of spine bones (or vertebrae) is a spongy disc that comprises a tough outer shell (called the annulus fibrosus) and a gel-like central portion (called the nucleus pulposus). The discs act as shock absorbers to prevent injury to the vertebrae and the nerves that travel through the spine, and they also help the spine maintain flexibility.

Sometimes, the discs can slip out of their normal positions and bulge outward, extending beyond the edge of the vertebrae. When we move, the vertebrae compress and “pinch” the bulging disc, causing pain around the disc as well as pain, numbness, and similar symptoms that radiate along the nerve pathway into the back, buttocks, arms or legs. Some disc injuries can also result in chronic headaches or neck and shoulder pain.

As the condition progresses, the slipped disc can begin to leak some of the gel-like material it contains, increasing irritation and inflammation of the surrounding nerves and tissues and resulting in what’s known as a herniated disc. Like any back injury, disc injuries are best treated in their earliest stages, before the disc ruptures and leaks.

Fresno Chiropractors With Experience in Disc Injury Treatment

At Sunnyside Wellness & Chiropractic Center, our team of top-ranked Fresno chiropractors offers customized treatment solutions for patients with disc injuries, including spinal alignments and gentle stretching to coax the disc back into its normal position so nerve irritation is relieved and pain and other symptoms are alleviated. Plus, our chiropractors provide every patient with important lifestyle guidance to help them improve their posture and reduce back strain that can cause disc problems to recur.

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